Peaceful projections on drawings in the new library Payot in Geneva.

For this project we developed a lot of small animations.  The drawings represent five different places: a mountain, a desert, a sea, an island and a floating island. These places evolve during the day, sometimes caught in a storm, or under a pleasant sun.

Capture d’écran 2015-10-08 à 14.37.54


© Emily Bonnet, HEAD – Genève


© Emily Bonnet, HEAD – Genève


© Emily Bonnet, HEAD – Genève


This work has been made with an awesome team:

Fabio Da Cruz, Laura Wohlgehaben, Benoît Beurret, Agustina Mancini, Martin Besson, Capucine Bily, Kalinka Janowski, Laurent Monnet, Camille Thomas, Claire Bonnet, Jessica Friedling, Naïma Pollet, Vincent de Vevey.